This is why PSAT is more than just a practice test

PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT is a preparatory version of SAT and taken by many high school students every year. It is also known as NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). PSAT/NMSQT is taken under the administration of college boards and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in the United States.

Many students take this test in both 10th and 11th grade. If you score high in this test you will receive a National Merit Scholarship $180 million dollars. PSAT is not just a practice test rather it is technically a preliminary test of SAT. PSAT heavily matches with SAT in terms of the structure of the test, the content of the test, and even in scoring. Every year near about 3.5 million students takes PSAT/NMSQT.

PSAT Quick Facts:

  • The time duration of PSAT Test is 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • The frequency of this test is once a year and occurs in the month of October
  • The sections asked in PSAT test are: Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing
  • The fees for this test are paid by the schools
  • The maximum score for this test is 1520. The range of score in every section is 160-760, also there are a cross-test score, test score, and sub score.

Some remarkable points why PSAT is more than just a practice test

There are many notable points which show that PSAT is not just a practice but is valuable to the students who take the test and qualifies with an excellent score.

Scholarship opportunities for meritorious students

PSAT gives you golden opportunity to get $180 million dollars as a scholarship if you get a high score in PSAT/NMSQT. It is only and the best way to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. If you put your cent percent in the exam and get much higher than the other students your chances to get scholarship becomes more prominent. The one who scores highest in a state qualifies as a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program and offers three types of scholarships to the finalists.

Preliminary Test for SAT

To take PSAT is first and foremost step towards preparing best for your SAT. This test will help you know about the SAT and helps you to analyze what you are going to take in SAT. The College Board founded that the candidates who took PSAT and performed well have scored 145 or higher in SAT while comparing to the candidates who do not take PSAT.

Helps in identifying the right college

When you take the test your name, address, and intend major are sent to colleges if your PSAT score is not specifically sent. And you get numbers of mail from the colleges near and far from you. This plenty of emails from various colleges will help you to find the best for you and simplifies your selection.

Makes you confident and reduces anxiety

If you take PSAT before taking SAT, then it develops confidence in you to take SAT. Many students feel anxiety when it comes to SAT because it is a great deal and it determines your future prospects. Your performance in SAT determines where you go to the college. Taking PSAT reduces your anxiety about the SAT and you will know the actual scenario you are going to face in SAT exam.

PSAT keeps on the radar of many colleges

The College Board administers PSAT and SAT and also offers a program called the Students Search Service (SSS) through which students are allowed to share their personal and preferential information with more than 1,100 colleges and scholarships board free of cost. This is the best way to hear from the colleges you are not aware of and you have never considered. If your PSAT score is excellent, many colleges will offer you scholarships and court you for their student body.

Helps you to recognize your strength and weakness

If you opt for PSAT, it will help you to know your strength and weakness and help you to focus on the areas which need improvement. Your SAT needs full preparation to perform extraordinarily in the test. PSAT will give you an overview of your preparation and how much more effort is needed for SAT.

Gives you opportunities for private colleges

Many students take the PSAT to get admission in prestigious and renowned private colleges. The students who want to get admitted in the various private colleges need to submit their achievements and aptitude score. To take admission in prep schools, Jewish high school, and other advanced private schools requires academic achievements. PSAT is the best way to get an academic achievement by scoring high.

A key to major college scholarships and awards

The candidate who has chosen as a semi-finalist, there are 96% chances to get selected as a finalist. If the student is not chosen as a finalist, the probable reasons behind their not chosen are: not submitting proper information about them, do not take SAT, not having good grades, or not performed well in SAT, fail to score well in SAT.

A Good way to compete with your classmates

There is always a high competition at the college level and you should not miss a single opportunity to perform better than your competitors. According to the College Board in 2011, 56% of the PSAT takers were sophomores and younger and helps them to score 3.5 points higher in every section of PSA.

Lesson Summary

PSAT is not only a practice test but the opportunity to get many awards and scholarships from schools and colleges. This is the only way to qualify for National Merit Scholarship. This test helps you to be ready for your SAT and makes you understand what you are going to face in your SAT.

Prepare for PSAT with all your heart and soul, also dedicate your time to preparation, as this will help you to establish a bright future for you. Put a great amount of focus on preparing for PSAT and perform well. Have a Great Luck!